SMC Laundry Tub Mould

SMC Laundry Tub Mould

SMC laundry tub is new material,it has long life and easy to clean.
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SMC Laundry Tub Mould

SMC Laundry Tub Mould

Mould MaterialP20
Mould Base45#
Heating SystemOil + electric
Mould CavitySingle
Mould Delivery Time50 days
Mould Life300,000 shots

SMC Laundry Tub Advantage

1. Beautiful color for choose.

2.Once Forming, designing for Seamlessness

3. No restrict of shape and size

4. Light Weight

5.High strength, no crack and no color fading

6. Smooth surface, good keep warm effective

7.Mass production

Laundry Tub Testing and  Producing

sample sample-1


Testing Procedure: After mould gel coating resin solidfication, then could be lay the material.

Calculate the thickness then lay the resin and glue,lay 2-3 pieces one day. Usually the mould thickness is 3 times than products thickness, so when lay the material, it must be use Iron roller to make the fabric flatten, drain the air bubbles and make the glue even.

SMC Mould Parting Line Design Principle

*  Make the product easy to start and simplify. After the mold leaves the factory, the stripper position of the mold should be put on the mold as far as possible;

*  As far as possible to reduce the possibility of product appearance damage, but also should be easy to clean the remaining flash;

*  Light mold manufacturing and mold parts processing;

*  The radial dimension precision should consider the impact of the flash thickness on the product precision, and adopt the vertical fractal surface to ensure the radial precision of the product;

* Strengthen the product strength.

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